Is Novak Djokovic a victim of media game or his parent’s behavior?

It is not a secret that Novak Djokovic is not as adored as Roger Federer or even Rafael Nadal. But, is Novak Djokovic a victim of media game or his own and parent’s behavior? Giles Simon believes there’s a ‘media agenda’ to keep the Swiss star on top, and that includes attempts to deny Djokovic the adoration and respect he deserves.

Is Novak Djokovic really the victim of a media game?

Why is the media conspiring to promote the Maestro over retriever?

The Maestro is an artist and his tennis a work of art. Federer never seems out of balance on the court and his tennis transcends winning and losing. No one, including those high on the Novak kool aid, can deny that Maestro’s tennis, unlike Djokovic’s, is effortless and beautiful. Federer’s no-fuss and no tantrums demeanor, on and off the court, is praise worthy and liked across the world. He doesn’t quit a match and plays without ever looking at his box for coaching. Gilles Simon, another retriever, should investigate the reasons for Federer’s popularity, before badmouthing him.

Why must Novak’s fans, supporters, like Simon, and parents trash Roger to make Novak Djokovic look good? Djokovic is a great champion, and he doesn’t need to climb onto Roger’s shoulders to appear tall. To most, Roger is the GOAT because of the brand of tennis he plays. There were champions before Roger, Novak, and Rafa and there will be champions even after they hang their rackets and ride into the, proverbial, sunset. We will all, however, await the arrival of the next player to play tennis as beautifully as Federer.

Roger Federer is the GOAT

Novak’s parents have not helped his cause and likability factor.

As Novak’s fan, my first task would be to plead his parents to avoid making public comments or speak to the press. Their recent remarks, holding Grigor Dimitrov responsible for the spread of COVID 19 at the Adria tour events, as well as on Federer’s refusal to retire and spend time with family did not sit well with many. Novak Djokovic, we believe, is more a victim of his parents’ motor and foul mouth than any media game.

Blaming Grigor Dimitrov for the spread of COVID, at the Adria Tour events, was a little low life

We understand that Novak’s parents love their son; but must they trash Roger Federer to feel proud of Novak? They are hurting Novak more than anyone else, and must stop immediately.

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