Roger Federer returns to tennis in Doha

Roger Federer returns to tennis in Doha and then the Dubai event. The fans will see Federer’s return, over a year, after his semifinal loss to Novak at the Australian Open 2020.

Federer has claimed Doha three times already

Federer has won the Doha event for a record three times. He is 26-3 at the event, and reached the quarterfinals, or better, in the pasts seven appearances. Roger won Doha’s Qatar Exxon Mobil in 2005, 2006, and 2011. He routed Lubcic in 2005, Monfils in 2006, and Davydenko in 2011 for the title in Doha.

Despite the stellar record, we do not foresee Roger winning the event in 2021. He lacks competitive match play and lingers dangerously close to the dreaded 40.

Roger Federer returns to serious competition in Doha

The defending champion Andrey Rublev and world number 3, Dominic Thiem too have entered the Doha event. Rublev not only won but also took down Tsitsipas and Andy Murray en route to the title in Rotterdam last week. Thiem, on the other hand, enjoys a 5-2 winning record against the Maestro. The path to the Doha crown, therefore, couldn’t be any tougher for the 40 year old lacking competitive match play.

What can one expect from Roger in Doha

The fans can expect magical all court tennis from Federer. They should look forward to an unmatched display of on-court aggression from the maestro. Every time this gentleman swings the racket, let it be a reminder of how tennis could have looked without the glut of super slow surfaces all around. And, those enjoying the Federer spectacle live must relish every second of it because it may be the last.

While tennis academies, around the world, perfect the blue-print to churn out Novak Djokovic models into the world, Roger will remain a one of a kind. In the space dominated by retrievers and counter-punchers, Federer continues to mesmerize with his brand of aggressive, take the ball early, and approach the net tennis. And he does all that with balance and poise. But, at 39 already, how long can he be expected to continue?

Our advise: Enjoy every second of this dude while you can, because nothing that amazing lasts forever.

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