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Tennis – who has the best forehand?

Roger Federer’s forehand is most aggressive with an optimum mix of spin, pace and an early ball strike.

Rafael Nadal’s forehand has the most topspin to create high rising balls after the bounce.

Juan Martin Del Potro’s forehand is heavy enough to push even Federer and Nadal ten feet behind the baseline.

Tennis – who has the most effective first serve?

Serena William’s first serve is fast, effective, and reliable. Her fluid service motion makes it easy on her shoulders.

Karolina Pliskova’s serve is fast and well placed. She out-performs Serena Williams in the ace count.

Ivo Karlovic creates deadly pace and wicked angles because of his height.

John Isner uses his height to create amazing angles and consistent pace.

Milos Raonic uses his height to create sharp angles and deadly pace.

Roger Federer has one of the best first serve placements.

Tennis – the fastest recorded serve in men’s tour

Samuel Groth clocked 163.7 mph or 263.4 km/hour in 2012

Tennis – the fastest recorded serve in women’s tour

Sabine Lisicki clocked 131 mph or 210.8 km/hour in 2014

Tennis – who has the best backhand?

Stan Wawrinka has the deadliest backhand. His one-handed backhand pushes the opponent back and makes life miserable for them.

Roger Federer, since January 2017, takes the ball exceptionally early to take time away from the opponent. He also uses his single-hander to create wicked short-angles and biting slices.

Novak Djokovic changes direction well with his double handed shot.

Tennis – who is the GOAT?

Serena Williams with 23 slam titles.

Roger Federer with 20 slam titles.

Rod Laver with two GRAND SLAMS (all 4 slams in a single calendar year) and 11 total slams.

Tennis – what are the Grand Slam tournaments?

Australian Open

French Open


U S Open

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