The enthralling Roger Federer is being sorely missed.

Roger Federer is Picasso and the tennis court his canvas. Nadal, Djokovic, and Sampras are all great champions but Roger alone stands out as someone who makes the game look easy. Easy enough for even a couch potato to muster the grit, borrow a racket, and hit the court. The enthralling Roger Federer is being sorely missed nowadays, and many eagerly await to witness grace, artistry, and beauty on the court.

Roger painting on the grass

The enthralling Roger Federer won his first slam title at Wimbledon in 2003

It seems just yesterday the Maestro won his first title on the hallowed center court at Wimbledon. He looked so young, fresh, but ever so enthusiastic about the sport he and we all love.

Do they ever stop coming in a Federer match?

Roger Federer may loose a match but he is usually ahead in the winners count and seeing the Maestro in form is a feast for the eyes. He has bageled Rafa Nadal on the clay and Djokovic on hard court! When Roger is on his game, he is unstoppable by even the Bull and the backboard. Federer, however, wins while making the battle look beautiful.

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