Juan Martin Del Potro attempting yet another comeback after injury

Juan Martin Del Potro has been out with a knee injury since summer 2019. He, however, hit the practice court this week too assess the time-frame of the return to tour. The lovable tower of Tandil has stayed away from the court since the knee surgery in January. He appears shaky with the knee but as confident as ever with shots.

Juan Martin Del Potro is avoiding movement on the court to avoid hurting the knee, as reported by observers, but the timing and force of his shots is the same as before. Juan Martin would like to be back on the tour by the end of 2020.

Missing Juan Martin Del Potro

Juan Martin Del Potro has been plagued with injury through his career

Del Potro is an otherworldly talent, and on his day can bully any of the big three on the court. Until the wrist surgery, Juan Martin wielded power on both wings. Roger Federer faced the wrath of Del Potro’s devastating forehand forehand in the 2009 US Open final. Roger, stubbornly, played to Del Potro’s forehand, to avoid the strong back-hand, only to be massacred by the debilitating forehand shots of Del Potro.

Roger Federer felt the devastation of Del Potro’s forehand in the 2009 US Open Final

Del Potro is not just a mindless ball basher, he displays variety and touch too

Del Potro’s power makes him a threat on any surface, but his touch sets up the kill from the fore or backhand. Juan Martin, as a testament to his variety and touch, developed a biting backhand slice to avoid regular backhands after the first surgery on the left wrist.

Del Potro doesn’t lack variety and touch

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