Djokovic overcame pain and Fritz at the Australian Open

Djokovic overcame pain and Fritz to reach the fourth round at the Australian Open 2021. Novak came down with a torn muscle after taking a fall early in the third set. Taylor Fritz capitalized on the opportunity and evened the score for a deciding fifth set. In the fifth, however, Djokovic broke Taylor twice to prevail 7-6(1), 6-4, 3-6, 4-6, 6-2.

Djokovic conquered pain to beat Fritz

Novak’s movement appeared visibly hampered and he seemed in pain while reaching out for routine balls. His usually impeccable service return went walkabout in the third and fourth set. He, however, regained some of that bounce after an early break in the fifth.

Djokovic slipped on the white “MELBOURNE” lettering at the back of the court early in the third set. And, continued to struggle with pain even after treatment by a trainer. It took the resolve of a champion to overcome pain and a quality player, in Fritz, at the Australian Open 2021.

The nearly ten minute break in the fourth set to clear spectators ahead of the five day lock down in Victoria State only helped Djokovic recover. The announcement to clear the stadium was greeted with loud boos from the fans.

Novak not certain of playing the fourth round

The world number one is not sure if he will be able to play his next match at the 2021 Australian Open. The Serb has a torn muscle because of the fall and may not recover in two days.

Novak will face Raonic in the fourth and, if the seeding holds, Zverev in quarters. And Thiem, who earned a hard fought five set win over Kyrgios, in the semis. None of the contenders will miss Novak, but it would be a shame to loose the defending champion so early in the tournament. We, therefore, wish the champion a speedy recovery.

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