Djokovic versus the field is the only tennis reality now.

Much to the chagrin of Rafa’s and Roger’s fans, Djokovic versus the field is the only tennis reality nowadays. Novak is here to rule and, barring injuries or bad luck, should reign at least for two more years.

It is truly Djokovic versus the field, except in the French Open

Rafa is the undisputed king of clay. He will stand like the rock of Gibralter between Novak and the elusive calendar Grand Slam. With the exception of Nadal on the clay, it truly is Djokovic versus the field.

Nadal, however, stands little chance on other surfaces against the Serb. Rafa will struggle to win a set against Novak on the hard courts, and we do not see this change in the near future.

What about Thiem, Tsitsipas, and Medvedev?

Thiem, Medvedev, and Tsitsipas possess more power in their serves and ground shots than Novak. Their all court game is as good as Djokovic’s, but neither has the tactical acumen to play the point(s) against the World number one. They come strategically prepared but are tactically confused against Novak. All three play their game(s) and not the point. Irrespective of the gravity, and criticality of the point. They lack the tactical maturity, and mental strength to play the important points against Novak in big matches.

Thiem, Tsitsipas, and Medvedev have a long way to catch up with Djokovic. And we do not see it happening for at least two more years.

Our prediction for Novak

Novak is forged in the fire of the Big Three, and faces no real resistance now. He will shatter all tennis records over the next two years, and with some luck and Rafa’s absence, may even claim a calendar Grand Slam.

He will go down as the greatest champion in tennis’ history. But will he be the greatest ever tennis player? Now that’s an entirely another discussion we, and many others, would love to have!

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