Putting the RF back in Roger Federer

Federer reclaimed the RF logo this week and with that he put the RF back in Roger Federer. The $300 million sponsorship deal between Roger and Uniqlo was missing the logo. After a drawn out process and two and a half years after the switch from Nike to Uniqlo, the Maestro reclaimed the custom “RF” logo.

After a brief hiatus the Federer army can proudly own the RF caps again. The return of the RF caps has been celebrated around the world. They make for a perfect Christmas present for the millions of Roger Federer fans around the globe.

The RF caps put the RF back in Roger Federer

The Federer caps are known by the trademark RF logo. The caps are back, RF head bands, shorts, and other sportswear will follow suit with the RF back in Roger Federer.

“That’s right,” said Roger. “The RF cap is back.”

Roger believes the caps will be available in the Uniqlo outlets soon.

Uniqlo posted a message from Federer

Uniqlo also posted the following message from Federer on its website.

“After a long wait and extensive fine-tuning, UNIQLO and I are extremely excited to announce the return of the RF hat in 8 fresh colours starting December 8th, 2020.

‘This hat has meant so much to me and to my fans over the years. It has given us a way to visibly connect, and I have appreciated the opportunity to thrive off this supportive energy.

I want to thank UNIQLO for this effort and look forward to seeing everyone in the near future.”

The RF cap will be available in eight unique colors at a price every fan will appreciate will be available on December 8, announced Uniqlo.

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