Wimbledon Men’s Final 2018: The final word on Novak Djokovic versus Kevin Anderson.

Novak Djokovic won his fourth Wimbledon final 6-2, 6-2, 7-6 (3) in an insipid match against a battered, and barely able to move, Kevin Anderson. Other blogs, especially those blogging for business and professional reasons, and Novak’s and Kevin’s fans will defend the lackluster final and sing hosanna to Djokovic’s mastery of the return of serve in blunting the effects of Kevin Anderson’s damaging weapon. Kevin was too tired to serve effectively, and his game is dependent entirely on his serve.


The Soccer world-cup was the savior.

Thank God, however, for the soccer world cup final between Croatia and France, although I still, for the life of me, can’t fathom why only one person within the playing field, on each side, could touch the ball with his hands whereas everyone else had to go outside the lines to throw it in. The atmosphere, however, was electric enough for a neophyte, such as I, to spend considerable time enjoying and, as well as, grasping the nuances of the game.


Keven Anderson lost in the Wimbledon Final 2018

The excessive time spent on the court in the previous rounds took a heavy toll on Kevin Anderson.

The 21 hours expended by Kevin Anderson as compared to less than 16 by Novak Djokovic to make the final, it seems, took a heavy toll on Kevin. He seemed visibly fatigued and lacked the bite on his serves. The serve is usually the first to fall to fatigue, and Kevin could not make the exception list yesterday.


Below are some other reasons for the lackluster final.

  1. Too many unforced errors by Keven Anderson.
  2. Novak Djokovic’s feet were functioning as well as ever.
  3. Novak Djokovic is a more accomplished and experienced player than Kevin Anderson.
  4. It was only Kevin’s second final and the first at Wimbledon.
  5. Novak Djokovic was not letting this go after his grueling battle with Rafael Nadal in the semis.
  6. Novak’s game is not as exciting on the grass as it hinges entirely on him putting one more ball into play, somehow.

Conclusion: Novak Djokovic still needs to learn how to approach the net. He was brave enough to attempt it against Rafael Nadal in the first few sets and then again in the fourth but dropped it after being caught clueless there a few times. Kevin Anderson needs more imagination to his game and cut back on fist-pump after every point he wins.

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