Women’s Wimbledon final: The last word on Serena Williams’ loss to Angelique Kerber.

Angelique Kerber trounced Serena Williams 6-3, 6-3 in the Women’s Wimbledon 2018 Final for her first ever Wimbledon title last Sunday.

Serena Williams enjoyed a 6-3 head-to-head advantage over Angelique Kerber and on paper, it was meant to be Serena’s final and 24th slam to equal Margaret Court’s record. It, however, turned into a dominating win by Angelique Kerber.


Angelique Kerber’s return of serve was cracking.

Serena Williams dropped 75% of her first serves in and won 63% of those as compared to 66% and 70% by Angelique Kerber. Angelique Kerber is not known for her serving prowess by any stretch of the imagination. Angie’s high-quality returns, however, kept Serena’s first and second serve winning percentages low and were important in the outcome of the match. Even on the second serve, Serena’s winning percentage was only 31 as compared Angie’s 59.


Angelique Kerber’s impenetrable defense resisted Serena’s aggression effectively.

Was it Angelique’s defense or the slow grass-court which rendered Serena’s shots ineffective? It was probably both those factors at play in the final. Kerber was at her defensive best and tracked down every ball she could and frustrated Serena into uncharacteristic errors. Even the hard punches of Serena lacked the force to evoke a weak response from Kerber. Serena’s shots lacked power and speed which could be the result of Kerber’s angles which kept Serena off balance and on the run throughout the match.


In the end, Serena won as much Angelique Kerber.

I am not a fan of Serena Williams’ tennis which lacks aesthetics and appears overly reliant on her unyielding personality and will to win. She appears clumsy in her movements and struggles to change direction, unlike a Wozniacki or Kerber. Everything, except Serena’s effortless serve motion, seems laborious. She, however, has excellent anticipation and utilizes her power to control the center of the court.

This time around, however, I too became a fan of this icon of women power and her indomitable spirit to get out there so soon after childbirth and then give it all she had.

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