Tennis marred by COVID 19 is less competitive but quite entertaining

Competitive tennis is suffering nowadays, but tennis marred by COVID 19 has its moments. It is less competitive but quite entertaining in some aspects.

The next trick shot in the season of tennis marred by COVID 19

This one is making the rounds on Twitter lately and is definitely the one for the fabulous Fabio or the meticulous Maestro to master. Will we see either of them or, perhaps, some other pro execute this deceptive shot in a slam soon?

Fabio and Roger should give this shot a shot

Federer and Osaka hit the bull’s eye and Venus takes fun and danger to another level.

Judging from the video, Roger and Naomi still have’t lost it, or lost the entertaining bit. Venus, o the other hand, is fearless and fun as ever. They, apparently, are putting the time off to good use.

Roger, Naomi, and Venus having fun

The ever humble Nadal is busy sweeping the sands nowadays.

Nadal’s uncle made him carry his own bag and sweep the court after practice. A habit Nadal continues with till this day. The ever so humble bull, sweeping the court is a must watch for all kids who aspire to be champions.

Nadal sweeping the court after practice

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