Tennis marred by COVID 19 is quite entertaining if not competitive.

Professional tennis marred by COVID 19 continues to be as entertaining if not competitive as before, as a result entertaining content, on social media, is making up for the obvious lack of competitive matches.

Aryna Sabalenka, the Belarusian tennis sensation, is no stranger to having fun. She can crack the ball on the court as well as break groovy moves off it. We believe she could contend for slams soon. But nowadays she contends for posting fun as well as entertaining, pre-training warm up, videos on social media.

Pre-training warm up video by Aryna Sabalenka

Judy Murray is providing ample fun nowadays.

Judy Murray has always been more fun, entertaining as well as outspoken than Andy, and has taken entertainment to another level on social media.

How can we forget the rock, paper, scissors routine to decide who has the choice of serve? This is nostalgic and reminiscent of the high school days, when many, seemingly life altering and complicated, issues were settled by the very same routine.

The Rock Paper Scissors routine

Andy Murray was not to be left behind in the race to the funny hill by his mom.

Andy Murray has evolved into a funny dude over the years, and wouldn’t have his mom get a free pass to the most entertaining Murray title. He does a reasonably entertaining job at rating other people’s skill in tennis.

Did Andy expect Federer at the other end?

Gael Monfils is the uncrowned king of entertainment.

Gael Monfils has fun on the court, and cannot be outdone outside of it. He takes fun very seriously and the video proves it. Monfils, Judy, Sabalenka, and others continue to provide the daily dose of entertainment from tennis marred with COVID 19.

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