Nick Kyrgios is brilliant for tennis, believes Andy Murray.

Nick Kyrgios is brilliant for tennis, believes Andy Murray. Kyrgios edged Daniil Medvedev 7-6 (8-6) 7-6 (7-4) in the final at the Citi Open in Washington DC last week.

Nick was brilliant throughout the week.

Nick fired 18 aces to beat the 10th ranked Daniil Medvedev in the finals. He also sent the top seed and world number 5 – Tsitsipas – packing in three in the semis. Nick trounced an in-form Nishioka 6-2, 7-5 in the quarterfinal. Nishioka had eliminated David Goffin, and appeared in ominous form, in the pre-quarters.

Kyrgios’ performance at the Citi Open Washington, DC last week, made us also believe that Nick Kyrgios is brilliant for tennis.

Andy Murray
Andy Murray believes Nick Kyrgios is brilliant for tennis

Nick Kyrgios is brilliant for tennis, believes Andy Murray.

Has Nick Kyrgios finally come of age? Andy Murray believes Nick is brilliant for tennis and has come of age too.

Asked by the ATP Tour about his good friend, Murray said:  “Everyone matures at different ages. Some people are ready when they are 18, 19 to deal with what comes with being a top athlete and some people aren’t ready and it takes them a bit of time.

“I’m hoping that with time Nick will learn and be better for it.

“When he’s engaged in tennis and wants to play he’s brilliant for the game. And when he isn’t giving his best effort and misbehaving, that’s not what people want to see. He needs to find that balance.”

Nick Kyrgios won his second title in 2019.

Not only did Kyrgios win his second title in 2019 but also cracked top 30 with the Washington win. He thanked those, in the post match interview, who believed in him during the tough times.

“This has honestly been one of my favourite weeks of my life. I’ve made massive strides,” Kyrgios said.

“I’ve had people behind me, backing me, and they never lost faith in me even when I lost faith in myself.

“This week means a lot. It’s great to get the win, but I’ve proved to myself and the people backing me that I can still produce at the highest level.”

Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios wins second title of 2019

Nick gave it all in the final.

No one ever doubted Nick’s talent. His dedication to tennis and a commitment to the winning strategy; however, was doubtful. Nick was thrilled with the result and his second title of 2019 at the US Open tune-up event. ‘I left it all on the court,’ said Kyrgios.

He was proud of keeping it together, and not breaking rackets, hurling abuses, or walking off the court. He channeled his explosive temperament into explosive shot-making and won the title.

Nick’s transformation is the outcome of a deliberate effort over the last six month.

The controlled composure and a commitment to the winning attitude didn’t materialize overnight. Nick worked on changing his attitude over the last six months.

“In the past six months, it’s crazy to think how much I’ve been able to turn it around,” Kyrgios said. “I’m working hard to be better as a player and a person. I lost faith that I could still have weeks like this and be happy. I’ve got to thank (my family) for not losing faith. I just wanted to clean myself up and have a healthy attitude. I showed what I can do this week.”

Nick’s acknowledgement of the long hard road ahead, to complete the transformation; however, makes us a believer too. “I’ve got a long way to go,” Nick added.

Daniil Medvedev
Medvedev believes Kyrgios wanted to win.

Medvedev acknowledged Kyrgios’ commitment to the winning ways.

Even Daniil Medvedev acknowledged Kyrgios’ commitment to the winning ways. “I know how well Nick can play when he wants to play. This week, I think he wanted to play and it was tough,” Medvedev said. “He was determined and it seemed like he wants to win. And that’s what we don’t see all the time.”

The missing link.

Nick’s is immensely talented. His talent is acknowledged by even those who dislike him. The hindrance, and as well as, missing link was the commitment to keeping it together on the court and playing winning tennis. And, his performance in Washington displayed all those and more.

Nick Kyrgios is brilliant for tennis.

Nick is a talented entertainer and brilliant for tennis. And, if he can continue on that path, we should see him win many more events and, perhaps, a slam soon.

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