US Open Men’s Draw: Can anyone stop Djokovic at the 2020 US Open?

The US Open Men’s Draw is Novak’s to own. He hasn’t lost a match in 2020 and, notwithstanding an injury, the streak should continue past the US Open. Can anyone stop Novak from winning the 2020 US Open?

US Open Men’s Draw is tailor made for a Djokovic win. And, why not?

Djokovic won his first round in straight against Dzumhur on Monday, and faces Kyle Edmund of Great Britain next. We expect a straight set victory for Djokovic again. The next round against either Krueger or Busta appears equally non threatening and the Champion can sail into the fourth without loosing a set or sweat.

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Goffin and Shapovalov may be the only players more talented than Novak in the quarters, but they must make the quarterfinal to book a meeting with the Serb. But only one can reach the quarters against Novak. And, Goffin is not even a shadow of Djokovic in the fitness, stamina, and mental front. He may extend Novak into a tie-break in one of the sets, at best. Shapovalov is 0-5 against Djokovic, but still capable of taking Novak out in a best of three, but stands little chance in the best of five format. Against the Serb, Denis would probably eat a bagel in the fourth or fifth.

Stefanos Tsitsipas in the US Open Men's Draw
Can Tsitsipas bring Djokovic down at the 2020 US Open?

Novak may face slight annoyance, at best, against Tsitsipas in the semis

In the top half, only Tsitsipas could take a set against Djokovic, but his draw is fraught with serious dangers. Will he even get past Coric in the third? Tsitsipas is way more talented than the Serb, but he lacks the experience and consistency to beat Novak in a five set encounter. He may find easier to beat Zverev in the quarters. Alexander making quarters, however, is a long shot, at best.

Even the final would be a yawn event

Djokovic’s could face Medvedev or Thiem in the final, and neither, in their current form could pose a threat to the Serb. Neither possesses the experience or the mental strength to take Novak down in a slam final. Thiem had a great shot at bringing Novak down in the 2020 AO Final, but lacked the mental strength in the crucial moment.

The US Open Men’s draw should be redrawn without Djokovic. Award Novak the trophy immediately, and allow the others to compete for the second and third spots.

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