Flushing Meadows flush with expectations at the US Open 2020

Will Novak win his 18th or someone step up to deny him the crown? What about Thiem, Tsitsipas, and Medvedev making good on the promise they have shown? Upsets and resurgences make Flushing Meadows flush with expectations at the 2020 US Open.

Flushing Meadows may be flush with expectations but Djokovic will prevail

Flushing Meadows may be flush with expectations but we wouldn’t hold our breath too long for a Djokovic upset this year. He will take home the US Open winner’s hardware at the end of it all. It doesn’t, however, prevent us from discussing the in between entertainment.

Karen Khachanov
Khachanov plays de Minaur

Khachanov vs de Minaur

Khachanov vs de Minaur, in the lower half, holds the promise of turning into an edge of the seat barn burner. It will be an encounter between contrasting styles. Khachanov plays aggressive baseline whereas Alex is more of a retriever and counter puncher from the baseline. In a sensible world, more risk would garner more rewards, but not so in our wonderful world of tennis. Tennis belongs to the retrievers and counter punchers, therefore, a weaponless de Minaur has as good a chance as any to take down Khachanov or even Federer, for that matter. Khachanov, however, is playing good tennis and we give him a slight edge in this match up.

Thiem plays Cilic
Thiem plays Cilic

Thiem vs Cilic is tough to predict

The battle between Thiem and Cilic should go to Thiem, but Cilic is a slam winner and cannot be written off. Thiem, notwithstanding the poor showing in the Western & Southern Open, should manage to pull off a win here. Thiem moves better and is less prone to errors than Cilic. Dominic, we believe, will win unless he decides to plant himself ten feet behind the baseline for a significant portion of the match.

Could this be the event where Thiem steps up to claim his first slam. He came close at the Australian Open this year, only to be denied by Novak in five. His performance against Cilic would serve as a marker for how far he could go here.

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