Roger Federer demos the backhand slice

The hardest and the most powerful backhand in the game belongs to Wawarinka and not Djokovic or Murray; and when it comes to versatility then Federer’s single-hander is unbeatable. The single hander, however, is meant only for the insanely talented, because it requires loads of talent to learn and way too-much time to master. Most coaches, therefore, shun the responsibility of teaching a single-handed backhand to, even, the very talented. It, however, allows for generation of a longer and unrestricted swing path, and if you are hitting it right, the contact is ahead of the front foot which helps lengthen the swing and increase the racket-head speed even more. All of that translates into increased racket-head momentum which leads to more power being transferred into the ball at the point of contact.  Therefore, the one-hander can be more powerful, versatile, and with better reach.

The real advantage of a single hander, however, rests in its versatility, and there is none better than the Maestro to demo the single-handed backhand slice.


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