Murray prevailed but Federer failed

Andy Murray established his credentials as the man for all surfaces with his resounding 7-6 (5) victory against Goffin at the Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Pro on Thursday. He lifted the Mutua Madrid Open title on the clay in 2015 and the hard courts in 2008. While the tennis pros congratulated the newly crowned champion of the tough times, Roger Federer, however, refused to even acknowledge Sir Murray’s – “100 volley challenge” – invite!

Murray prevailed but Federer failed

In the middle ages Roger would have seen the gallows for refusing to honor a Knight’s invite. But, the times they are a changing, and the world must swallow the impertinence of the Swiss. The Maestro, however, must respond to Andy’s invite, and let the tennis world know if he will even consider the 100 volley challenge with, his better half, Mirka. And, in Murray’s own words, “I can’t be the only one that wants to see Rog and Mirka hitting a few balls together.”

So what will it be Roger? Will you honor the champion’s invite? Will you let this pass as the era in which Murray prevailed but Federer failed to honor the champion’s, 100 volley challenge, invite?

Murray raised a lot of money for charity

Sir Andy Murray was ecstatic with his victory at the Mutua Madrid Open Virtual Pro and praised the event for helping him and others raise charity money. “We raised a lot of money for some good causes. It was nice, personally, to spend a little bit of time chatting to some of the players. Something that I have missed during this period and something that I have been used to for the past 12, 14 years of my life. It was something I have never done before. Thanks to everyone who put the event on.”

Murray then split his €45,000 prize money equally between the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) and the Player Relief Programme.

Andy promises to make his acceptance speech in Spanish next year

Andy is taking the win quite seriously and even decided to brush up his Spanish to prepare for an acceptance speech at the Madrid Mutua Open in 2021. ”I am going to practise. There is no excuse for me during this period where I have got a lot of time at home and not much else happening in my life to not try and learn a little bit more Spanish, so that I am confident enough to speak publicly in the language,” said Murray.

“Next year, when I come to the tournament and I get presented with the trophy, I will do my speech in Spanish. That’s the commitment I am going to make.”

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