Kyrgios is as good a crowd puller as Federer, some believe.

The stadium is always packed in a Nick Kyrgios match. Is Nick Kyrgios as good a crowd puller as Roger Federer?

Nick always attracted a large crowd for his matches, but for the wrong reasons. The spectators throng to see him implode and walk off the court without finishing the match. They goad and hackle Nick on purpose and he lashes out at them with the choicest expletives.

Nick has made a concerted effort to contain his emotions recently.

Kyrgios is a distasteful and classless individual and his obnoxious comment on Wawrinka’s girlfriend was undeniably crude, and disgusting. His utter disregard for fans’ time and money is cringe-worthy.

Nick; however, has made a concerted, albeit not so evident, effort to contain his emotions and tongue recently.

Nadal and Kyrgios
Kyrgios and Nadal dislike each other. Only Kyrgios is more open about it.

Nick continues to draw crowds. Is Nick Kyrgios as good a crowd puller as Roger Federer?

Nick continues to draw crowds, even with his improved avatar. Tennis fans, it seems, enjoy his tennis as much as his fiery temperament and are willing to accept him as a better person.

It would be safe to say that Nick pulls in more crowd than, the current world number one, Novak Djokovic. And, Nick Kyrgios may even be as good a crowd puller as Roger Federer.

Many are drawn to his childlike candor and inability to hide his feelings. Nick has also been quite vocal of his disregard and dislike for Nadal and Djokovic. He is also unrepentant for his derogatory comments and opinions about Novak Djokovic. He admires Federer’s talent but refuses to adopt his off and on court demeanor. His talent coupled with Roger’s demeanor, can easily turn him into sponsors’ and media’s darling. And, he might even replace Roger as the crowd’s favorite. But, unlike Djokovic, he refuses to imitate Roger. How can one not admire all that about Kyrgios?

He is his own person – or buffoon – and accepts the flak he draws for it. What’s not to admire about that?

Kyrgios is great for tennis.

Is Nick bringing in a whole different and new fan base into tennis?

It is quite possible that Nick is drawing a whole different fan base into the game. And, Nick’s response, to a questioned about the new twist he’s bringing to modern day tennis, indicated just that.

Question: “You are adding a bit of a twist to this new modern-day tennis. ‘How do you feel about this with your performance, your expression, your excitement on the court? How do you feel about that?

NICK KYRGIOS: “I think it’s very important. ‘You know, I think people are so concerned about keeping fans in the game, but I personally believe it’s about bringing in a whole new different fan base to the game.

I think you look at the American sports like NBA, NFL, I mean, so exciting. ‘I think they do it the right way, and I’m just trying to bring new fans to the sport. ‘That’s one of my goals, actually, and I really want, you know, tennis to grow. ‘I think there is so much potential for it to grow.

‘I look at all the young players coming up, Tsitsipas, Felix, these guys, they all have different personalities. ‘I think if the higher-up people in tennis market them the right way and we play the entertaining tennis we do, I think tennis can become pretty cool.

Whether bringing in a whole new different fan base or drawing in the existing one, both Kyrgios and Federer excel at bringing crowds into the stadium. How can that be anything but good for tennis?

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