Elina Svitolina on Twitter is quite a riot and entertaining

Elina Svitolina on Twitter is adding life to the otherwise dull indoor experience of many. She is lighting up Twitter and Tik Tok with entertaining and, at times, funny videos of her training sessions, cooking escapades, and stuff.

Elina Svitolina on Twitter is full of life

Elina is revealing parts of her daily routine and sharing important aspects of her life with her fans through these videos. Or, maybe she is just bored and creating these fun videos to fill the empty hours. Whatever her motives, the videos are certainly worth a watch, and we have compiled a few interesting ones for your viewing here. Hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Nutella … are you kiddin’ me?

It is hard to miss the sizable Nutella jar, and Elina gobble Nutella in the video above. What is it about tennis players and Nutella? Some promising juniors we knew would finish 3 such jars in a week! Is this stuff really good for the professionals or aspiring tennis pros? Shouldn’t a hard core sportsperson avoid processed food?

Cooking and a jig

Any attempt at cooking and a jig should be appreciated, and we hope the food turned out as well as the dance. Elina, it appears, is quite proficient at these weird and meaningless dance steps.

Elina mourning Wimbledon’s cancellation

That one truly came from the heart and we feel Elina’s pain because we hurt too. But her pain, we believe, cannot compare with Federer’s, who is fighting father time to perhaps win one more. He came quite close to it in 2019, and 2020 might’ve been his last real hope to reach the final again.

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