Tennis: What to make of the recent bromance between Federer and Nadal?

What’s with the recent bromance between Federer and Nadal?

Their pre-match mind games and on-court demeanor does not suggest friendship between the two. However, in the quieter periods, they behave like long lost brothers just united.

Federer wants an invite to Nadal’s academy again

Federer wants to be invited by Nadal to his tennis academy which he also helped open as the chief guest last year. “I am happy that I was there, to visit Rafa in person and open the academy. I don’t think Rafa or myself, we thought we were going to have the year that we had, but maybe it all started at the Rafa Nadal Academy. So I have to get an invitation soon again, so I can get here again and get inspired.” Federer said.

Nadal responded with this love-struck message. “The invitation is always open for you, this is your house. The only thing that cannot happen again is that after coming here you play that well again. If that’s going to happen, I don’t invite you. Just a joke. See you soon.” How very cute of Nadal.



Federer and Nadal in the race for the year end number one

For Nadal and Federer to be neck-to-neck in the year-end number one race, all these open love notes seem much too friendly for comfort. Is there an unhealthy pact between the two? Nadal has spent his entire career dominating Roger on the court, and yet people appreciate and like Roger more. Even this year when Nadal is number one, Roger has stolen his thunder by beating him in four consecutive matches already!  There is nothing that’d please Nadal more than to beat Federer at least once this year, yet he behaves like someone who’d rather be Federer’s friend than his vanquisher.

Is the friendship genuine?

Perhaps the friendship between them is genuine. After so much rivalry, and intense matches, which invariably accompanies some serious animosity, the excessive weight of their rivalry’s yang gave birth to the yin of compassion, empathy, and appreciation for each other’s situation. However,  a little back-talking and few verbal jousts between Roger and Rafa won’t hurt to fire up their fans a bit. Or, is it the proverbial lull before the (verbal) storm?

One thought on “Tennis: What to make of the recent bromance between Federer and Nadal?

  • October 30, 2017 at 3:06 am

    I think the friendship is genuine although clearly Nike have seen the marketing value. The Laver Cup showed how popular Brand Fedal was with the public. But I think its always been known they had a friendly relationship off court. It’s never stopped Nadal from winning before so I don’t see why it would have that effect now. I think it’s mainly mental – Federer has stopped playing on clay so isn’t getting the beatdowns from that and Nadal I think was shocked to lose AO 2017 from being a break up in the fifth – having always assumed he would beat Fed in those circumstances. Plus improvements in Fed’s backhand and strategy on hard courts against Nadal.


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