Roger Federer the master of the amazing and elegant

How does Roger Federer manage to look so elegant while attempting unearthly shots. Is it about balance or athleticism? Djokovic is probably as athletic as Roger, but he slides, splits, and contorts his way through matches. And, sliding, splitting, and contorting are the opposite of balance. Is Roger Federer the master of the amazing and elegant? It appears he certainly is. Take a look at the jumping overhead he played against Roddick at the Basel Open in 2002. Both, Novak and Rafa, could make that shot, but neither would look so elegant while making it.

Federer looks elegant while doing the impossible

Roger Federer the master dazzler on the court

The Maestro plays an ultra aggressive brand of tennis. The kind of tennis played when Federer was training to become a pro and entered the pro circuit. Back then the court surfaces were much faster, the racket strings were not magical, and attack was the best defense. It’s a miracle that Roger could carry that brand of tennis beyond 2005 and survive.

Is Roger Federer the master dazzler? Here’s more magic from the Maestro’s racket. Watch and decide for yourselves. Once again, forget about what he did, and focus on the ease with which he did it. And, that’s the beauty of Roger’s tennis. Ease, balance, and elegance resulting in the amazing.

Federer stuns Djokovic with elegance

The web is cluttered with such examples of Federer’s on-court poise and grace. Google, and soak in the elegant shot-making and, whether you are a fan or not, watch the wizard of tennis play live at least once in your lifetime. Watching Roger Federer play live should be on the bucket list of all who appreciate tennis or beauty. It is a miracle that Roger wins so much, his tennis, however, transcends winning and losing. Roger’s tennis is about elegance and beauty. Keats was onto something with, “a thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

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