Rafael Nadal is the master of passing shots

Roger Federer may be the best with astounding shots and winners, but Rafael Nadal is the master of passing shots from ten feet behind the baseline. How many times have we been amazed by the passing shots of Nadal from 2 million miles away from the net? Just too many times!

Nadal is the King of passing shots

Why is Nadal so good with passing shots?

Rafa’s top-spin makes the ball accomplish amazing feats. The vicious RPM generated by Rafa in the ground shots has won him 20 slams including twelve French Open titles. The fact that he stands so far behind the net and invites opponents to attack the net also helps.

Nadal is built like a bull. He is strong and possess loads of stamina. The opponents know they stand little to no chance in baseline exchanges against Nadal. They are left with little choice but to play aggressively and try to end the points sooner. Seeing Nadal parked 10 or more feet behind the net emboldens them to move forward to end the point, giving Nadal the opportunity to punish them with the passing shot.

An empire built on the forehand and passing shots

Djokovic and Nadal are quintessential grinders, retrievers, and counter-punchers. Both play their best tennis under attack from the opponent. The slowing down of the courts, over the last 15 years, has helped their cause tremendously. They are the elite grinders, and can out-grind anyone while waiting for the right opportunity to counter-attack.

Nadal excels with the passing shot and Djokovic with return of serve. The passing shot is a counter punch to the transition shot as the return of serve to serve.

Now for some tennis fun

Rafael Nadal is the master of passing shots, and Djokovic of return of serves, but the WTA leads the ATP in providing entertainment on and off the court. And, here are Coco Gauff , Daria Kasatkina, and Monica Puig bringing fun back to Internet.

The girls are definitely more fun

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