Novak Djokovic’s Adria tour aftereffects continue still

The infamous Adria tour created a rift in the tennis fraternity and made professional tennis players openly criticize one another. Novak Djokovic’s, Adria tour aftereffects continue creating a divide in the tennis fraternity, forty days after its last event.

It was irresponsible to hold such a tour during the pandemic.

The organizers allowed fans to attend but did not enforce one meter distancing between each spectator. The Belgrade event witnessed packed stadium and scant concern for the raging pandemic. The tour, in addition to the attendees we’ll never know about, infected the marquee players as well. Grigor Dimitrov was the first to announce a positive for COVID 19, then Borna Coric, Victor Troicki, and Novak also declared testing positive for the virus!

Djokovic’s father lashed out unfairly at Dimitrov for spreading the virus and jepordizing the tour. Many questioned Novak Djokovic’s sensibility in holding such a tour in the midst of a pandemic. Nick Kyrgios, tennis’ bad boy, too spoke out against the idiocy of the decision to hold such an event during the pandemic. He held Novak Djokovic responsible for being irresponsible and not thinking through with the tour.

Dimitrov not fully recovered
Dimitrov does not feel a 100% for the US Open

Grigor Dimitrov is still suffering Novak Djokovic’s Adria tour aftereffects

Grigor Dimitrov is yet to fully recover his strength after a month of quarantine and rest. He is not sure of attending the US Open in August, and hopes for things to turn better soon.

“I don’t know if I’m going to be able to recover that quickly in order for me to fly again and have to put my body through a really rigorous regime again,” he said when asked about the US Open.

“It’s been about a week or 10 days since I’ve been back on my feet. I want to say it would be ambitious for me to go play, but I’m just really not sure how my body is going to respond.

“I’m going to keep practicing, keep on seeing where my physicality is going to take me and hopefully have also a good mentality to kind of go through it.

“I think a lot of players are definitely a little bit confused with what they should do. I think we all can sit down with our teams and sort of discuss the possibility of playing or not.”

Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios takes on Borna Coric over the Adria tour Corona Virus controversy

The ill will and name calling continues as Novak Djokovic’s Adria tour aftereffects

Now Borna Coric and Nick Kyrgios are calling each other names over the Adria tour corona virus controversy! Coric, a participant in the Adria tour, called Nick Kyrgios “a general after the battle.”

Nick, in return, did not waste much time with the response to Coric’s comment. “You should care. Do you have rocks in your head? Again, you can stand up for your mates, I’m just trying to hold them accountable. When I said what I said, I didn’t intend to bother. They are tennis players, they aren’t special. Just as I thought Coric intellectual level = 0”

The bad blood and name calling continues as Novak Djokovic’s Adria tour aftereffects.

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