Andy Murray eager to play the US Open 2020

Andy Murray has missed the pro tennis action for a while now. His on-court sightings are rare since the injury flare up during Wimbledon 2017. Murray is no spring chicken in tennis years. He turned 33 on May 15, 2020 with two or three years left, at best, at the elite pro level. Is Andy Murray eager to play the US Open 2020. He certainly is.

After missing 8 of 10 slams, Andy Murray eager to play the US Open this year

Sir Andy Murray missed eight of the last ten slams. His performance in the other two was dismal because of the discomfort from recurring pain. He feels better now and will not miss a shot at competing at the highest levels.

But traveling and playing tournaments is fraught with its own set of risks in nowadays. A player was tested positive for Corona Virus at WTA’s Palermo Open over the weekend. Andy, however, understands the risk and is willing to take it.

“The situation I’ve been in last few years I’ve not had opportunity to play in many Slams,’ the two-time Olympics Gold winner commented.

‘I don’t know how many opportunities I’ll have left to play in Slams, so while I’m feeling relatively decent, obviously there is a risk there but I want to try and play in them and enjoy the biggest events again.

‘I missed that a lot, I’ve missed it. I love playing the biggest events, even though this will be different with no fans but that is something I care about and willing to take a risk to go and play.

Andy Murray
Andy Murray eager to get back onto the court

Andy alone is responsible for his injury ridden career

Murray is an exceptional talent and athlete. Only Roger Federer ranks ahead of Andy in the talent department. And, unlike Djokovic, he is as comfortable approaching, and at, the net as 10 feet behind the base line. He, unfortunately, settled for ten feet behind the baseline. Counter punching, and using the leg speed for tracking down balls instead of attacking and aggressive tennis. And, prolonging, instead shortening, points carries its toll and repercussion. Andy should have focused on improving flexibility to last longer, and without breaking down, with the retrieving and counter punching brand of tennis. Murray could easily excel at attacking tennis, and cut down the wear and tear of the joints and limbs.

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