The curious case of Roger Federer

Just like in the movie “The curious case of Benjamin Button” our man Roger’s game seems to be getting more spritely, and, dare I say, “YOUNGER” and aggressive with age.   It seems he and his mojo have been happily reunited since his post injury comeback in 2017.

Federer doesn’t shirk from a battle on the court but he doesn’t actively seek it like Nadal, so his joy cannot be attributed solely to his competitive fire being reignited.  So what is it that keeps this man happily chugging on, and on, and on when most by 30 are contemplating retirement and a final goodbye to living in their suitcases?

Switzerland's Roger Federer returns to Switzerland's Stanislas Wawrinka during their men's singles quarter-final match on day nine of the 2014 Wimbledon Championships at The All England Tennis Club in Wimbledon, southwest London, on July 2, 2014. AFP PHOTO / ANDREW YATES - RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE (Photo credit should read ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty Images)Nole 4092622-3x2-700x467nadal_forehand_wideweb__470x290,0

(Federer Photo credit ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty Images)

Is it because he finds harmony and peace in action which compels him to continue and enjoy playing instead of packing it up and heading on a world tour with family.  Watching Federer execute his ground-shots is like witnessing serenity in action.  And that look of focused calm becomes all the more pronounced when compared to the other greats of the sport today.

I was recently told by a wise man that any person’s success, mental makeup, spiritual frame, general nature, marital happiness and issues related to other important aspects of life can be analyzed by decoding that person’s karma and one of the highly effective tools to decode karma, he said, was karmic astrology.   I have already provided an experienced karmic astrologer Roger’s, Novak’s, Serena’s, Nadal’s, and Nalbandian’s birth details to work with and now eagerly await his analysis of what makes them who they are and why they do what they do, and I intend to share those revelations here soon.


    I want to see the results of the karmic astrology…..sounds interesting!!!

  • Just log into, look at the left hand column under celebrity search and look for Roger. His tennis talent and success in life is writ large in his stars. VERY fortunate man but no one could say that he hasn’t worked hard for it.

  • Danny

    Astrology : maybe the most efficient way to throw your credibility straight down the drain. Just by mentionning it. Read. Think, Do better.

    • Anupam Bam

      True. One of the many ‘vices’ given by India to the world. I am an Indian.

  • Robert Rust

    The childish, foolish nonsense of modern astrology.

    It was once different. By the observation of the motion of celestial objects such as the moon, sun, and stars (Is, Ra, El in Ancient Egyptian), our ancient civilizers came to record the passage of events, or “time” as its its now called, and came to understand the periodic geological workings of our planet’s crust/surface, known as Crustal Displacement and which occurs approximately every 26,000 years, +- 5000yrs, that controls the development and progress of all life, not to mention geology, on earth, particularly and especially well developed living species such as the human being. So it was that the study of the motion of the stars, formerly called astrology (star study, Latin), was grounded in sense and sensible pursuits.

    But in the last 7000 years or so, the ancient knowledge and wisdom has been forgotten and lost by modern civilization, and ancient astrology has been bastardized into modern astrology wherein proponents make silly claims that moon/sun/star position at birth days lead to predictability of future human behaviour, rather than just merely prediction of cycles of “time” or events of nature/universe such as crustal displacement (great year, i.e., the precessional cycle aka wobble frequency of earth’s axis), orbits of earth around the sun (year), rotation of the earth and moon (day, month), pole star location (1000 years spans), and precessional constellations (zodiac) appearing behind the sun (2000 year spans).

    So, with astrology being bastardized into a silly, nonsense-filled belief system, the legitimate modern study of the stars adopted the new name of Astronomy, which is a word meaning the listing and categorizing of the stars (and moons, suns, all celestial bodies), while the hijacked term ‘astrology’ was used and abused by vain, fanciful, self-profiting humans to give their silly, modern pursuit scientific sounding legitimacy. But a turd is still a turd, no matter its colour.

    If only the ability to think was a natural sense and not just an ability to be hopefully developed by disciplined, careful, clear thinking individuals into an artificial sense. Those that follow modern astrology pay no heed to following sound, clear, sensible thinking practices. In modern astrology, anything goes, so long as it supports the thinker’s preconceived, childish, foolish, mistaken beliefs.

    And now we have an individual, the author of the article above, who at first sensibly and logically evaluates the Big Three’s tennis success, but then trips over a stick, or , more likely, purposefully tries to lead his gained audience astray, by disingenuously resorting to the non-sensible, silly, childish, fantasy belief system called modern astrology in a vain attempt to give more concreteness to his analysis, for those gullible to that method.

    In the end, the bringing of astrology into the analysis destroys the credibility of the author. The previous analysis of the Big Three’s performance still stands, but the author’s overall credibility falls to become a swamp creature.

    It needs to be said again, and can’t be said enough. Read. Think. Do better.

  • Sophia O’sullivan

    If you’re gonna pick a faith based belief system …choose Christianity …So, I will write an article attributing RF’s success to his Christian faith …after all, the virtues YOU claim come from his birthday are all tenets of the Christian faith …I think I have the better argument.

    • Robert Treglio

      Of course you believe that you have the better Argument Christian, because you’re the only one arguing

  • Kieran Flood

    Interestingly, another article with the exact same title as this one:

    Most likely, this other article is much closer to the truth about the apparently ageless Federer…