Stan Wawrinka’s talent is underappreciated in the Big Three era

Stan Wawrinka matured late as a champion but proved his mettle by taking down both Nadal and Djokovic in slam finals. He wields devastating ground shots on both wings and a killer serve. Wawrinka’s touch, variety, and volleying skills are better than Djokovic’s. And, he can push any of the Big three out of the court with his heavy single-handed backhand. He is a complete player, and yet Stan Wawrinka’s talent is underappreciated in the Big three era.

The devastating single-handed backhand of Stan Wawrinka

Stan, perhaps, has been under Federer’s shadow for too long

Stan has always been under the shadow of Roger Federer, the more accomplished Swiss. The countrymen share a wonderful bond which transcends tennis, but Stan, we believe, would be better served by coming out of those shadows. Even now, Stan considers Roger a big brother and harbors nothing but love for the Maestro.

Stan and Roger bound by brotherly love

Even though Stan Wawrinka’s talent is underappreciated, he holds no grudge for the Big Three

Stan Wawrinka harbors no ill will against the Big Three for stealing his thunder. He genuinely appreciates the opportunity of learning from them and, on occasions, pushing them 10 feet behind the baseline with his ground-shots as well as serve.

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