Roger Federer not losing sleep over retirement

Roger Federer not losing sleep over retirement, and why should he? He enjoyed a full life as a champion, and decimated most records while at it. Federer continues to play the tour, ranked in the top ten. He is still a threat to both Nadal and Djokovic on the grass and fast hard courts.

He takes time off for the family, surgeries, making truck loads of money, as well as being immortalized by the Swiss National Museum in Zurich.

Roger Federer an integral part of Swiss history

Roger Federer not losing fun over retirement

All play and no fun makes Roger a dull boy. And, Roger would never want to be a dull boy. The Maestro, therefore, enjoys the time on and off the tour. Roger Federer not losing fun over something as inevitable as retirement, must bother a few, like Djokovic’s father. His fans, however, are happy as long is Roger continues to enjoy and make tennis look beautiful.

Roger having a tough time on the court

We dare you to snatch that ice-cream of Roger’s hand. He is very particular about finishing what he started, including ice cream and chocolate.

Try snatch that from Roger!!

There you have it. Roger Federer plans to play a full schedule in 2021, and will begin training in August to prepare for the heavy load he intends to lift, for us, in 2021.

Trick shot of the day

Federer’s fans are used to trick-shots, tweeners, and unbelievable winners. They have been thoroughly spoiled by the GOAT. And, why not? One of the perks of joining the Fed brigade includes entertainment by the racket. Federer’s fans expect fireworks, and Roger does not disappoint.

Here’s a pretty decent trick-shot cum tweener of the day, for the greedy Federer fans.

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