Tennis FAQ

Tennis – who has the best forehand?

Roger Federer – most aggressive with an optimum mix of spin, pace and early ball strike.

Rafael Nadal – most topspin to create high rising balls after the ball bounce.


Tennis – who has the most effective first serve?

Serena Williams – fast, effective, and reliable.

Karolina Pliskova – outdid Serena Williams in ace count.

Ivo Karlovic – creates deadly pace and angles because of his height.

John Isner – uses height to create amazing angles and consistent pace.

Milos Raonic – uses height to create sharp angles and deadly pace.

Roger Federer – has one of the best serve placement.


Tennis – the fastest recorded serve in men’s tour

Samuel Groth – clocked 163.7 mph or 263.4 km/hour in 2012


Tennis – the fastest recorded serve in women’s tour

Sabine Lisicki – clocked 131 mph or 210.8 km/hour in 2014


Tennis – who has the best backhand?

Stanislas Wawrinka – the deadliest one-handed backhand which pushes the opponent back.

Roger Federer – since January 2017 takes the ball exceptionally early to take time away from the opponent.

Novak Djokovic – changes direction well with his double handed shot.


Tennis – who has the hardest forehand?

Madison Keys can really clock that forehand.

Juan Martin Del Potro can bully the opponent with his forehand when it’s on.


Tennis – who has the hardest backhand?

Stanislas Wawrinka can push most top level players back with the pace behind his backhand.


Tennis – who is the GOAT?

Serena Williams with 23 slam titles.

Roger Federer with 19 slam titles.

Rod Laver with two GRAND SLAMS (all 4 slams in a single calendar year) and 11 total slams.


Tennis – what are the Grand Slam tournaments?

Australian Open

French Open


U S Open